Ted Stourton – Artist of the New Renaissance

by Kevin Hurst

If the pen is mightier than the sword and a picture paints a thousand words, what would happen if a painter used his brush to communicate images of hope and inspiration?
That was the question that one rising British artist asked himself while taking in the extraordinary beauty of a seascape one afternoon a few years ago.

Fast forward a few years of intense, purposeful artistic production: the Ted Stourton collection at Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall is one of the largest collections of an artist’s work anywhere in the world.

In the last fourteen months alone, over nineteen hundred and fifty original works and paintings by Stourton have found their way into collectors’ hands across the world as demand for his work grows apace.

Currently, a permanent exhibition of nearly 1000 original paintings by Stourton can be seen at Camelot Castle Hotel where the artist currently has his studios.

A small sample of his work can be seen online here.

Many visitors to Camelot have remarked on the extraordinary effects that Ted Stourton’s work has had on them.

Artists from around the world have made their way to Camelot to meet Stourton, share their ideas, and to tap into the extraordinary creative inspiration that is being generated there. 

Visit the Ted Stourton Fan Site here

Ted Stourton's Light Box. What are People Really Saying?

The Camelot Castle Hotel is in "King Arthur Country" in Tintagel in Cornwall (hence its name).

It is owned by the newspaper publisher John Mappin and his wife Irina Mappin.

But it is far more than just another hotel set in a beautiful location. John and Irina Mappin and their friend, the artist Ted Stourton have worked hard to create at Camelot a centre for an artistic renaissance.

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